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Dream Vessels #118: Floating WorldFRIEND TO FRIEND, HEART TO HEART

We are so grateful for the very generous response to our recent launch of Amy’s Healing Journey: A Fund- and Spirit-raiser! We hope to conclude this active phase of the campaign by Valentine’s Day, with a spirit lifting gift to our sweethearts! Friend to friend, heart to heart, we invite you to be part of our awesome support team!

Since our daughter-in-law Amy had a stroke 2½ years ago, so many in our circles have wished they could do something to help. Amy and Sam suggested Love and Prayer. While continuing that practice, we decided to also create Amy’s Healing Journey website, to address the extraordinary expenses that can accompany catastrophic illness.

Please take a look at the opportunities to contribute! There are wonderful gifts, including art, jewelry, books and nurturing experiences, from the Studios of Marsha Connell and Family and Friends. Or you may prefer to simply donate, or to send a message. All are greatly appreciated!

I began this project with the idea of donating my own art, my living legacy. I invite you to add to your collection in this special way! This may include selecting artwork that is on my website or blog, or in the studio. (Please write to me for an appointment or conversation.)

The scope of gifts has expanded as more people kindly volunteered to participate. If you’d like to also offer a fundraising item or experience, please let me know. We’re honored to include what we can. New items in the Shop will appear in our periodic updates.

If you are moved to share this project with your own caring circles, please send the link http://www.amyshealingjourney.com/ with a personal note.

With love, hope, many thanks, and fond wishes for the new year,

for the Connell and Monroe families