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Sally and I are getting ready for our annual winter Watercolor Workshop
and hope you might like to join us!
Saturday & Sunday 9:30am-3:30pm November 8 & 9, 2014

Marsha and Sally”Marsha Connell and Sally Baker, two brilliant painters, both widely collected, are extraordinary teachers. Both are passionate about color and about exploring personal creativity. Their dramatically different styles perfectly complement each other.” • Jennifer Merin, Creators Syndicate

LOCATION: Pepperwood Preserve, between Santa Rosa and Calistoga, is a perfect base for plein air painting as well as providing a comfortable and spacious studio in the Dwight Center for painting from the inspiration of nature and nature’s objects.

YOU WILL EXPLORE SKILLS INCLUDING: Painting soft-edged wet-in-wet forms, building images by layering marks and shapes, painting seamless transparent washes as a meditative practice, and delineating sharply focused objects.

PARTICIPANTS OF ALL LEVELS WELCOME! Beginners will learn guidance in basics while experienced painters and repeat students will develop technique and expression.

MATERIALS NEEDED: Use what you already own or consult our list.

REGISTRATION REQUIRED: Sign up early! Workshop limited to 25 participants! Fee $195.