I am a painter of inner and outer worlds. My media: expressive landscape and still life painting in oil, watercolor and pastel, and evocative “Dream Vessels” collages.



My paintings are a dance in color, a moving meditation in the landscape. I combine observation—mirroring the natural world—with improvisation—giving voice to the “spirit of place”, in dialogue with the moods of my inner landscape. Watching, listening, hiking, dancing, trusting intuition and gesture, all infuse my painterly representation with an energetic and abstract sensibility.

Marsha-Connell-Laguna (Summer Bridge 5)-oil-24x30in-2006

Marsha-Connell-Laguna (Summer Bridge 5)-oil-24x30in

I live in northern California, and taught art at Santa Rosa Junior College for many years. I earned degrees in Fine Arts from Skidmore College and Sculpture from San Francisco State University.

My art has been shown regionally and internationally, and is in private, corporate and healthcare collections. I open my studio to the public each October during ARTrails Open Studios, and by appointment year-round.

Welcome to my online studio, and come on over to my brick and mortar (actually, wood) studio, if you’re in the neighborhood! Contact me to make an appointment.



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  1. your essence seem to be like that of mine *with the ghost of a smile on my face*.

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